A social network built for action sports enthusiasts.

2012 - 2018


EDGEUNITE was a photo/video sharing social network built for the action sports community.


EDGEUNITE started as a personal project back in 2008 it has morphed from a simple e-commerce site to a global social network over the years. The project arose from my passion BMX. At the age of 16 (2008) I formed EDGEBMX, a company specializing in the supply of parts and accessories for BMX. The company acted as the perfect vehicle to bring my passion for the sport and web development together.

I developed a basic e-commerce website with PayPal integration to sell products. Over the years the website was subject to many re-developments, providing a sandbox to experiment the effect of UI and UX design decisions with a significant user base. Over the years the brand grew in popularity and I expanded to accommodate other action sports including surfing, skiing, skateboarding and others. An umbrella identity of EDGEUNITE was created to pull these communities together. In 2013, during my free time whilst studying Computer Science at Newcastle University I started work on a web-based mobile application that would enable the community to share their passion. The app was a success and a community quickly developed, sharing photos and experiences. Shortly after this I entered into the world of iOS development, migrating the web app to a fully native application built with Objective-C. This experience ultimately fed into my early work at Open Lab such as App Movement and FeedFinder.


Below are some screenshots from the EDGEUNITE app when it was live.

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