Edward Jenkins

Currently acting CTO at Rhizome Live. Previously Senior Research Software Engineer at Open Lab, Newcastle University. Passionate about empowering communities through social engagement platforms.

App Movement

App Movement is an online platform which empowers small communities to collaboratively design mobile applications.

Feed Finder

A multi-platform mobile application that allows new mothers to search and review places suitable for breastfeeding in their area.


A social network built for action sports enthusiasts. Available on the web and iOS devices.


A social network for food lovers, Nibble lets you share your favourite meals by taking a photo and adding a recipe.

Four Corners +

A platform that enables the photographer to frame the issue, the audience to engage directly with the issues and connect to the protagonists at the very moment they are most moved.

Joop Design

An online platform that connects users with the aim of collaboratively designing new products, services and concepts which are mutually beneficial.

Deck Clothing

An independent online fashion outlet based in Manchester sporting a unique, self-engineered style.

Guerrilla Networking

Guerrilla Networking is all about providing the best creative and talented people with connections to employers across the world.


Snappin is an exciting new way to share and discover the world around you. Snap photos and pin them to the map, they are instantly visible to everyone within a few miles.