Solferino Air

Rebranding and customisation of a virtual conferencing platform to deliver a unique and fun experience for the Solferino Academy Virtual Innovation Tour.

February 2021


Virtual Innovation Tour is an event organised jointly by the IFRC Solferino Academy, Innovation lab of the Kenyan Red Cross Society and 21, the Social Innovation Accelerator of the French Red Cross.


Open Lab partnered with IFRC to host a virtual tour of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies and their innovation initiatives. The core objective of the project was to re-skin their existing virtual conference platform developed by Open Lab to make it look and feel like an online travel experience for the IFRC virtual tour. The aim was to incorporate designs and interactions commonly found on airline and travel websites to create a novel experience for the event’s attendees.

Event Registration

The existing registration and login forms were modified to resemble a flight booking experience similar to that found on an airline or travel website. The faux airline ticket was updated in realtime as the attendee completed the registration form. The attendee could then add the ‘ticket’ to their calendar, serving as a reminder for the event.

Event Login

Upon re-visiting the website an attendee was prompted to enter their email address into another stylised form, enabling them to access the live event.

Session Page

The session page was modified to support the Vimeo Live embed alongside Vimeo Q&A/Polling/Chat widgets. The video stream dominated the visual real estate of the page while a custom 'flight tracker' animation/graphic showed the current tour destination and remaining session time.

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