GoPro cameras offer some of the best image quality in the business, their small form factor makes them ideal for a huge variety of uses. They aren’t however free from issues. One problem I faced when using my GoPro camera in the field was the negative effects of water droplets on the camera’s lens. Water droplets are common when filming water sports such as surfing, wake-boarding, water-skiing and often result in ruined footage.
“Rain-X offered the best all-round solution for me.”
I needed a cheap and effective solution to this problem and during my search for answers came across the Rain-X technique. Rain-X is a liquid most commonly used in the automotive industry. When applied to a car windshield, it acts as a water repellent, the idea being that water disperses as you drive and your windshield remains clear of droplets. When applying Rain-X to the waterproof housing lens of a GoPro we can achieve similar results, vastly reducing the chance of water droplets spoiling our footage.
The video above demonstrates how to apply Rain-X to the water-proof housing of the GoPro, it then shows a comparison between the lens and the footage before and after the process. If you would like to achieve a similar result please follow the Amazon link below, in doing so you are supporting this blog and keep it ad-free.
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