We wanted to build a fun app to encourage social interaction and healthy eating for new students. With freshers week rapidly approaching I focused a significant amount of time and energy into developing a strong brand image that we could use for the launch. At the time we were hard pushed to find an exciting name for the app, when ‘Nibble’ was suggested it received a warm welcome. It appealed to both genders, had a playful persona and referenced the computing term (a nibble is half a byte). I already had a strong code base for the app thanks to a previous project, allowing more time to focus on improving the interaction and perfecting the user interface.
Once the application was complete we launched it on campus at Newcastle University. We held a series of cooking classes across a week long period, the classes let new students try out the app and cook some amazing meals in the process. By the end of the week we had over 200 users and a lot of positive feedback. I plan to develop the application further based on some of the feedback received. One idea that I feel particularly strongly about is the concept of local restaurant reviews. You would take a snap of your meal and add a rating, other users could then then tag a recipe to your post.