Four Corners + provides a tool for building rich metadata around a photograph. A photographer can attribute their own metadata to a photograph and invite others to contribute at the time of publishing. This new approach to photographic journalism will improve engagement, authorship and context of today’s most breathtaking images.
This project consisted of a set of deliverables including a front-end prototype built with modern web technologies, a set of walkthrough videos of the interface and some explanation graphics. These outputs were used in a presentation that took place at the WorldPressPhoto awards event in Amsterdam 2016 to demonstrate the potential of the concept to an audience of professional press photographers. The aim of the presentation was to start a conversation around the project as we move forward into this space.
The Four Corners + concept aims to improve audience and subject engagement. It allows users to view metadata about an image such as the photographers story, location details, technical details (camera, lens etc.), social media streams, subject information, associated media (photographs, videos, audio, documents etc.) and copyright information provided by the original photographer. Four Corners + also provides the ability to browse before and after frames, support/contest metadata and filter metadata by customised trust networks.
This is an Open Lab project